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Wasena Tap Room by Craig Simonds

Wasnea Tap Room is a local bar and grill in Roanoke located right off the Greenway, and next door to the River Rock Climbing gym.  Wasena Tap Room opened on November 9th, 2012.  The bar is known locally for its expansive rotating tap, good food, and the large number of events held at the bar.            The building is a large brick structure that used to be a warehouse.  Inside, it is very open.  The rafters are exposed and painted a beige color.  Many of the interior walls are still brick; some painted green, and others a simple red brick.  The space itself is large and open with high ceilings.  There are lights that hang off of metal beams that help to keep the place light and their placement helps the space not feel cavernous.  Large windows line the front of the building, which let in a lot of natural light.  There is a large wooden based and granite topped bar, a high number of tables, and a couple half booths that fill in the building nicely.  Wasena Tap Room also has a lovely outdoor section with plenty of seating.  When it is nice outside, the patio is often filled with people.  The patio gets a lot of sun throughout the day, which makes it a nice place to sit outside to eat and enjoy the day.            What Wasena is best known for is their large rotating tap. The bar and grill offers 31 beers and a craft root beer.  This tap always has a mix of regional brews and international brands.  The selection rotates, so you can always find a new beer to try out.  They offer everything from IPAs to Stouts, so no matter what your preference is you will be able to find something you like.            The crowd at Wasena encompasses a wide range of ages, and personality types.  It will often vary depending on the event being held.  Wasena draws in a lot of people from the Greenway and the rock climbing gym next door.  Due to this fact, the atmosphere and dress is generally fairly casual and relaxed.            One of the most fun aspects of the Wasena Tap Room is their wide range of events.  On Monday at 8pm and Friday at 11pm they host trivia.  On Tuesdays they host the Fleet Feet Sports Pub Run, which offers a three and a five mile route.  Following the run, people get food and drinks at the bar.  On Wednesdays they offer “Steal the Pint” nights in which breweries have a wide selection of their beers available on tap.  Also, some pint glasses are given away free with the purchase of the beers that are being promoted.  On Saturdays, and some times on other nights, they have live music.  On Sundays from 11-3 they offer brunch.  A calendar of their events can be found here. The staff at Wasena is friendly and attentive, but don’t hover.  This works perfectly with their atmosphere, because as at the end of the day Wasena is a place for friends or family to hang out and enjoy each other’s company.  The various events as well as the space itself are conducive to groups of people getting together for food and drinks.  The restaurant is almost always well attended, so there is often a pleasant bustle.  Despite the fact that their service is quick, Wasena Tap Room is a place that people come to have long meals that generally include drinks.  People will often sit around their tables and order drinks and hang out after they have finished eating.  Wasena Tap Room is a fun bar and grill that is offers a pleasant atmosphere and a great place to meet up with friends or family.