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About Damon Gettier

1) “Sold in 59 Days or We Will Sell it For Free!” (Call (855) 959-0500 or visit www.DamonSellsVA.com for details)

2) “Guaranteed Sold or We Will Buy It” (Call (855) 959-0500 for Details, or visit www.DamonSellsVA.com for details.)

3) “Love It Or Leave It”. We guarantee that if you don’t love your new home, we will sell it for free for the first 2 years. We offer this on our sellers listings which creates much more demand for their homes.

4) We are the first, and only, agents to offer a Guaranteed 14 Day Closing, from Contract to Close! There are stipulations- but not many!

Our monthly advertising budget is 8 times the average agent’s annual budget. Yes, you read that right. We spend more in one week of advertising than the average agent spends in one year! We attract 400-1000 buyers per month and we currently have a database of more than 17,000 potential buyers looking to buy homes in Lynchburg, Roanoke, The New River Valley, and all areas in between.

Our days on market are almost half of the average agent and we net our sellers almost 4% more on their sales! So, we sell in less time for more money!

We have unique technology where we can see what homes buyers are interested in and then we contact them to increase interest in homes. In fact, we have a staff of 3 full time employees working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that someone is available to answer a buyer’s questions at any time.

We are unique in our approach; this is not a hobby, but a streamlined business where we desire to give 5-Star Service. Our teams’ consist of the following:

1) Listing Team- We have 3 dedicated listing specialist and 1 support staff member that strive to maximize our listings exposure in the marketplace. Their focus is 100% on marketing our clients properties to obtain the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

2) Buyer Team- We have 10 dedicated buyer specialists and 2 support staff members that work hand-in- hand to ensure that our buyers find the home they are looking for in the timeline they have set out. Our buyer agents are excellent negotiators and know how to get our buyers the most for their money.

3) Marketing Team- This is often the most overlooked facet of Real Estate. After all, what business are we in if not marketing? We have a full time professional photographer on staff who does amazing pictures, virtual tours, flyers, and more.

4) Support Staff- While most agents operate independently and truly try to do a great job, it is simply impossible in the world of real estate. Imagine a surgeon who has to administer the anesthesia, act as the P.A., nurse, handle the intake of the patient, sit in recovery, discharge the patient and wheel them out to the car! They would either do a horrible job or not be able to help more than a couple of people in a week. We have incredible support staff that allow all of our agents to do an incredible job and to remain concentrated on what they do best: represent buyers and sellers!

With our team of specialists, we are able to sell more than 40 times the number of homes the average agent sells in a year.

We have been endorsed by John Boy and Billy (96.3), Dick and Dave (99.1) and of course, Brett Sharp (94.9)!

Why should you let us help you find a home?

1) We have access to homes that are not yet on the market- We are the only team offering “Coming Soon Listings”!
2) We sell more homes than any other team in Lynchburg, Roanoke, The New River Valley, and all areas in between!
3) We offer our buyers a 2 year “Love It or Leave It” Guarantee which takes the pressure off of buying.
4) Each Buyer agent has been coached by the #1 ranked Buyer Coach in the World!
5) We have the absolute best lender in the area right in our office for you to use!

Simply Visit www.DamonGettier.com

Until we meet-

Damon Gettier, CEO

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