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More Money

We sell homes faster, for MORE MONEY, than our competition!

Weekly Communication

We contact you weekly and provide activity reports on your listing as well!

200+ homes

Damon Gettier and Associates sells over 200 homes per year!

59 14 Day Guarantee

If you do not sell your house in 59 14 days, you pay no commission!

Cancellation Guarantee

If you are not happy and we can't rectify the issue in 7 days, you can cancel!

Multi-tiered targeting

Our time-tested approach attracts the most amount of buyers!


Don't take my word for it

Damon and his team did an incredible job helping me find my dream home. Even though my home is modest, it is home to me and it did not matter to Damon or his team of professionals. Joel Balsley, the lender was incredible and forthright to deal with. The home inspector was thorough and Heather with Temple Law Geoup made sure we closed on time.

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