Shawn Crowder


About Shawn Crowder

Shawn Crowder is a dedicated and experienced real estate agent with a passion for helping
clients achieve their homeownership dreams. Born in Roanoke, Virginia, Shawn has deep roots
in the local community and a strong understanding of the real estate market in the area. Shawn
attended Northside High School before furthering his education at Liberty University, where he
graduated with a master’s degree. Along with his academic pursuits, Shawn served in the US
Army, where he completed two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His military background
instilled in him values of integrity, discipline, and dedication, which he now brings to his real
estate career.

After retiring from the military, Shawn transitioned into the real estate industry, leveraging his
leadership skills and attention to detail to provide top-notch service to his clients. With a focus
on clear communication and personalized guidance, Shawn ensures that each client receives the
support they need throughout the buying or selling process. Shawn brings a unique blend of
experience and expertise to help you navigate the real estate market with confidence. Whether
you’re buying your first home or selling your current property, Shawn is here to guide you every
step of the way.

Shawn is committed to upholding principles of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in all
aspects of his real estate practice. He believes that every individual deserves fair and equal
treatment when it comes to buying or selling a home, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender,
religion, or any other characteristic. As a professional real estate agent, Shawn ensures that all
clients receive the same high-quality service and respect throughout their real estate transactions.

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